Frequently Asked Questions

Payday Loans :

Q: Do I get the money on the same day that I apply for a payday loan?

A: Absolutely! You receive your loan instantly upon approval of your loan application.


Q: Do you accept debit cards as payment for a payday loan?

A: Yes, we do accept debit cards as payment for a loan. Please see store for details.


Q: Is there a penalty if I pay off my payday loan early?

A: No. You can pay off your payday loan at any time with no penalty.


Q: Can I cancel my payday loan if I change my mind?

A: Yes, you can cancel your payday loan within 48 hours. (No catch)


Q: Will you check my credit when I apply for a payday loan?

A: No, we do not carry out credit checks.


Q: How long does it take to get a payday loan?

A: For first time clients, it would take an average of 20 minutes and subsequent loans in 5 minutes.


Cash for Gold and Buybacks :

Q: How do you buy gold from me, what is the process?

A: You can drop in at our office with your Gold. Appraisals will be done in front of you, so that you also know its true value. There is no charge to you and after your approval, we issue the receipt and pay on the spot.


Q: I paid $1000 for this ring, why am I getting so much less?

A: Because when you sell your ring, you only get the melt value of the metal component of your jewelry. The Craftsmanship and the Gemstones are not considered in the melt value.


Q: What kind of paperwork do you ask for when I sell you my gold?

A: We just require a Govt. issued photo I.D. and you need to be over 18 years of age.


Q: If I do not want to sell, but still need some cash, how can you help me?

A: In this situation, we can do a Buyback for you. You get immediate cash with minimal paperwork and your items remain safe with us till you come to pick them up, or renew the buyback before the agreed upon due date.


Currency Exchange :

Q: What currencies can I exchange with you?

A: Currently you can exchange your US Dollars, British Pounds or Euros with us.


Q: Is there a minimum or maximum amount I can exchange?

A: No, there is no restriction on the amount that you can exchange at Cash R Us.


Q: How do I make sure I am getting a good rate?

A: Simple! Just call your bank and compare their prices with ours! You will be happily surprised!


Q: Where are you located, and what are your opening hours?

A: We are located at the South-East corner of Dundas and Hurontario, right next to the bus stop and offer ample parking. Call us on 905-275-1900 if you have any questions. We are open 9 AM to 9 PM on weekdays, 10 AM to 6 PM on Saturdays and 11 AM to 5 PM on Sundays.

Address : 2579, Hurontario Street, Missisauga ON L5A 2G4, Canada
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Phone : +1-855-910-1020
Fax : +1-905-275-3700
Mobile : +1-905-275-1900

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