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Currency Exchange

Cash R Us specializes in buying and selling a large variety of foreign currency at very competitive rates. As we offer very competitive foreign exchange rates, we have built a strong reputation as one of the best currency exchange companies in the GTA. We serve thousands of customers of different nationalities and backgrounds and keep focus in helping our clients get the best value.

Our rates are guaranteed to be better than the banks. Whether you are an individual or a corporate client, there is no need to go to the Bank and wait in a queue; we are always here to provide you with a fast, competitive and easy currency exchange solution.

Travel Money

We know that Canadians love to travel!

Do you need to exchange your Canadian Dollars for another currency? Come to us and walk out within minutes with a smile on your face! Our repeat customers compliment us on our customer service and competitive rates.

Do you have any leftover travel money from your recent trip? It is useless here in Canada. Come to us and convert it to Canadian Dollars that you can put to good use. You will find our rates competitive and the customer service outstanding!!!

We are located at the South-East corner of Dundas and Hurontario, right next to the bus stop and offer ample parking. Call us on +1-905-275-1900 if you have any questions.

Cash R Us

Address : 2579, Hurontario Street, Missisauga ON L5A 2G4, Canada
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